Jervis Bay Holiday Park

Airconditioning Unit & Hot Water System
Instructions for Villas/Safari Tents

Instantaneous Hot Water System Instructions for Villa

Turn HOT tap on full.

It will feel hot at the start and then a cold water gap will come through before the water heats ups.

Once heated adjust temperature by adding cold water as needed.

Airconditioning (A/C) Unit Instructions

Please make sure all villa windows, doors and blinds; Safari Tents are closed and rolled down.

Make sure unit is switched on at power point.

Select Mode:
- Sun symbol for heat (winter time)
- Snowflake for cooling (summer time)

Set temperature min 21*c / max 30*c.

Select the Fan Speed.

Please wait until the system has started before making any changes.
- This can take several minutes for the compressor to process and begin operating.

N/B: Please be aware that A/C in Safari Tents may not cool down or heat up as well as they would in a cabin


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