Jervis Bay Holiday Park

Reception Manual

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Booking Guidelines​
General Booking Rules
  • Base Inclusions: All booking prices include any 2 persons.
  • Additional Guests: Any extra guests will incur additional fees. See additional charges section.
  • Adult Limitation: Maximum 4 adults per Accommodation/Site.

Under 18 Policy: Persons under 18, or anyone booking on their behalf, are not permitted to make reservations. Unaccompanied minors will not be accepted.
Infants and Children:
– Infants (0 to 2 years): Free of charge.
– Children (3 to 15 years): Fees applicable as per age category. See additional charges section.

Car Spaces: 1 car space is allocated per site booked. Additional vehicles must be parked in designated visitor parking or outside the park.
Accommodation Structures:
– One (1) tent/caravan/camper trailer per site.
– Any additional structure requires prior permission from the Park Manager.
Site Allocation: Specific site allocations cannot be guaranteed. Site numbers will be confirmed upon arrival.
Site Requests: Guests can inform the office of any friends they are traveling with or any special requests at the time of booking.

Damage Policy: All damages to park property will be charged to the client’s credit card.
No Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in park accommodation or other buildings.
Noise Control: Portable speakers or any similar noisy audio devices are not allowed on-site to ensure comfort for all guests.
Linen Provision: Linen is provided to all accommodation for the number of guests listed on the booking.

Low Season: Minimum of 2 nights for all accommodations and sites.
Mid Season: Minimum of 3 nights for all accommodation, excluding Bushmans Cabins/Glamping Tents.
Deluxe/Premium Villas & Ensuite Sites: Minimum of 2 nights at all times.
Premium Powered Sites 1 – 6: Minimum of 3 nights at all times.

Check-In: From 2:00 PM for accommodation and 11:00 AM for sites.
Check-Out: By 10:00 AM.
Late Arrivals: No later than 9:00 PM, in compliance with park curfew.

Reservation and Deposit Requirements
  • Initial Deposit: To secure your reservation, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. Guest’s credit/debit card information must be provided.
  • Full Payment Requirements:
    • – High Season: Full payment is required 30 days prior to arrival.
    • – Mid / Low Season: Full payment is required 14 days prior to arrival.

– Bookings made within 30 days of arrival during High Season require full payment at the time of booking.
– Bookings made within 14 days of arrival during Mid / Low Season require full payment at the time of booking.
– All one-night bookings require full payment at the time of booking.

  • Holding Deposit: A $200 deposit is required for all Sites, and a $400 deposit is required for Accommodation during the peak summer period.
  • Payment Milestones:
    • – Second Deposit: By 28th August, 50% of the total tariff must be paid.
    • – Final Balance: The remaining balance must be paid in full 30 days before arrival.
  • Refundable Deposits: Deposits are refundable until 1st March.
  • Credit/Debit Card Fees: All credit/debit card transactions will incur a bank fee.
    • Visa and Mastercard: 1.5% transaction fee.
    • American Express (AMEX): 3% transaction fee.
High Season / Peak Summer Period​
  • Cancellation Fees:
    • Up to 30 Days Prior to Arrival:
      • – Villas/Glamping Tents: $50 cancellation fee. | Sites: $20 cancellation fee.
      • – Excludes High Season initial holding deposits ($200 for Sites | $400 for Accommodation).
    • 14 to 30 Days Prior to Arrival: 50% of the total booking fee.
    • 14 Days or Less Prior to Arrival: 100% of the booking fee.
  • Non-Refundable Circumstances: No refunds or credits for cancellations made within 14 days of arrival, early departures, no-shows, changes of mind, inclement weather, or breaches of park rules.
  • Cancellation Fees:
    • Up to 14 Days Prior to Arrival:
      • – Villas/Glamping Tents: $50 cancellation fee | Sites: $20 cancellation fee.
    • 7 to 14 Days Prior to Arrival: 50% of the booking fee.
    • 7 Days or Less Prior to Arrival: 100% of the booking fee.
  • Non-Refundable Circumstances: No refunds or credits for cancellations made within 7 days of arrival, early departures, no-shows, changes of mind, inclement weather, or breaches of park rules.
  • Cancellation Policy Reference: Reservations made through a Third Party Operator must refer to that operator’s cancellation policy.
  • and Expedia bookings are non-refundable.
  • We strongly advise guests to consider purchasing travel insurance to guarantee peace of mind regarding unexpected cancellations.
  • Mid / Low Season:
    • – Adults: $15 per person
    • – Children: $10 per person
  • High Season:
    • – Adults: $20 per person
    • – Children: $15 per person
  • Mid / Low Season:
    • – Adults: $25 per person
    • – Children: $15 per person
  • High Season:
    • – Adults: $30 per person
    • – Children: $20 per person
  • Low Season: $10 per pet
  • Mid Season: $25 per pet
  • High Season: $30 per pet
    • Adults: $10
    • Children (0-15 years): Free
  • Conditions: Subject to availability and must be prearranged with park management.
  • Fees: May apply. Speak to Management.
  • Standard Charge: A minimum of $100 will be charged if Villas/Glamping Tents/Sites are left in unsatisfactory condition upon departure.
General Rules for All Pets
  • Supervision: Pets must be well-behaved and cannot be left unattended at any time within the park.
  • Owner Responsibility:
    • Owners must manage their pets and any related mess, including the digging of holes.
    • Free disposal bags are available at the office door.
  • Liability: Owners take full responsibility for any injuries caused by their pets within the park and any related compensation claims.
  • Restricted Areas: Pets are not permitted in the pool area, BBQ area, or non-pet-friendly villas and their verandas.
  • Eviction Policy: Guests found with a pet inside any non-pet-friendly villas will be evicted immediately.
  • Laundry Restrictions: Washing of pet accessories or clothing in laundry machines is prohibited.
  • Availability: Standard powered and unpowered sites are pet-friendly year-round.
  • Seasonal Restrictions: Premium powered sites are not pet-friendly during High Season. Excluding Sites 1 – 6 and 38 – 43.
  • Pet Control: Pets must remain tied up on site, or on a lead and controlled at all times while in the holiday park.
  • Furniture Policy: Pets are not permitted on the couch or bed. Extra fees will apply if bedding washing is required.
  • Tethering Restrictions: Pets cannot be tied to the outside of pet-friendly villas.
  • Pet Limit: Up to two pets per villa, subject to management discretion.
  • Car Restrictions: Pets cannot be left inside a car or dog trailer at any time, including night time.
  • Cost:
    • – Low Season: $10 per pet, per night.
    • – Mid Season: $25 per pet, per night.
    • – High Season: $30 per pet, per night.
Morning Procedures
1. Office Setup

– Unlock office door and ice freezer (key in second drawer).
– Check the silver box at the office door for any keys from early departures or uncollected late arrival envelopes.
– Change door sign to ‘OPEN’.
– Make Zello active on your phone.

– Turn on the computer (Password – Bushmans).
– Log into Newbook (Number – 3739, User – Manager, PW – Scott) and open Emails/Outlook.
– Ensure the AAPA Boom gate system is operational (User Boom gate code 123).

– Phone switches to Day mode automatically at 8:30 AM.
– Check overnight voicemail messages on the right-phone by pressing (envelope symbol) or via email attachments.
– For day messages from missed calls, use the left-phone by pressing (envelope symbol).
– Voicemail options: Listen (1), Replay (2), Delete (7), Next (6).

1. Print and reconcile the overnight Tyro EFTPOS settlement (settles at 12 AM): Menu Button > Settlement and Reports (3) > Reconciliation Report (2) > Previous (2) > Summary (1) > All Cards (1) > Print.

2. Staple EFTPOS receipts to the settlement report, date the top with previous day, and file in the monthly envelope (bottom drawer).

3. Run and verify the Newbook Transaction Flow Report against the EFTPOS settlement; address discrepancies on the relevant booking in Newbook.

4. Check cash takings and log them into the Excel Spreadsheet Cash & Cheque Bank List.

Process Late Arrivals

– Review the silver key box at the office door. If any late arrival envelopes remain uncollected, they need to be processed.
– Contact guests and mark bookings as “No Show” if late arrival envelopes have not been collected (Edit Booking > change Booking Status > No Show).

Review the keys collected from the silver box.

Verify in Newbook: Check the arrivals list for highlighted bookings that indicate “ENTRY” under the Access column. This status confirms that the guests have entered the park for sites and villas, even if the envelope for villas are still in the box.

– Click ‘Check Out/In’ next to the relevant booking. This will direct you to the specific booking page.
– At the top of the screen, click ‘Confirm Check Out/In’ to update the booking status.
– To return to the main Departure/Arrival List, click ‘Due to Depart/Arrive List’ at the top of the screen.

– In Newbook, navigate to the Departure/Arrival List.
– Select all bookings that you need to check out or check in.
– Click ‘Update Details’ at the bottom of the list.
– In the dropdown menu where it says ‘Do Not Update’, change to ‘Departed’ for checkouts or ‘Arrived’ for check-ins.
– Confirm the update to change the status of the selected bookings.

– Ensure that there are no outstanding payments for any bookings:
– Review each booking for any due amounts. If payment is due and card details are on file, proceed to charge the balance.
– If card details are not on file or if payment cannot be processed, send the guest an SMS contact template: “Visit office – balance overdue.”
– Aim to have all payments processed by 10 AM to ensure accounting accuracy and readiness for new arrivals.

Confirm that all arriving guests have signed the necessary pre-arrival documents: In Newbook, navigate to the ‘Due for Arrival List’ and look in the right-hand column under ‘E-signature Documents’.

Check E-Signature column:
– If it displays ‘N/A’, it means the documents have not been signed.
– Ensure it states ‘Pre-Arrival Park Policy/Declaration’ and, if applicable, ‘Pet Policy’.
– If any documents are unsigned, resend the appropriate E-signature Contact Template to the guest’s email address to secure the necessary signatures before their arrival.

If certain villas are not going to be cleaned or are otherwise unavailable (commonly on Sundays), set them as ‘Stop Sell’ in the booking system to prevent new bookings.

1. Open Newbook and go to the Booking Chart.
2. Select ‘Group Booking Mode’.
3. Click on the day and the villas you want to block.
4. Select ‘Add from Chart’.
5. Create a new ‘Stop Sell Task’ with the description: STOP SELL.
6. Save the changes to block the villas from being booked.

Cancel Stop Sell:
– Double-click on the ‘Stop Sell’ entry you wish to cancel on the chart.
– Select ‘Complete’ to revert the status and make the villa available again.

– If Sarah is working, she will print the Houskeeping Report and highlight the check-ins on the report herself.
– If Sarah is not working, you should highlight the check-ins to assist the other cleaners.

1. Print the Housekeepers Cleaning Report in Newbook (Housekeeping List > PDF > Reload List > Print).
2. Highlight check-ins on the report; double-check for any extra linen needs.
3. Advise cleaners of any checked-out villas; mark ‘Checked Out’ on the report.
4. Keep pre-arrival section on the list as you will need this for villa checks.

– If additional notes for housekeeping are necessary, ensure to click ‘YES’ on ‘Force Display’ (Task Lists) when creating a note on a booking.

Reservation Enquiries

– Regularly check the inbox for any new reservation enquiries.
– Use pre-made replies available in the Signature dropdown menu to respond consistently and efficiently.
– After replying, move these emails to the ‘Answered Bookings’ folder to keep the inbox organized and track which inquiries have been addressed.

Review booking confirmations received via email to ensure accuracy in Newbook:
– Check that guest details, dates, and specific requests (e.g., large caravans needing a large site, guests travelling with friends) are correctly applied.
– Adjust site assignments in Newbook as necessary to accommodate large vehicles or special setups.
– Move these emails to the ‘Newbook/’ folder to keep the inbox organised and track online bookings. Use the virtual credit cards provided. Make sure that no receipt is sent for these transactions as guests get confused and think they’ve been charged twice.

Expedia: Make sure that the transaction fee is ticked and that ‘Auto Email Receipt (Default Template)’ is selected before charging the booking via ‘Process Card through Gateway and Save’

Anycamp: You won’t be able to process the virtual credit card’s provided until day before arrival. Note that no receipt should be sent for these transactions.

Emails specifically addressed to Scott and Helen should be categorised for their attention:
– Right-click the email, select ‘Categorise’, and then choose ‘Scott & H’.
– This helps in filtering important communications and ensures they receive relevant messages promptly.

– Move received invoices/receipts to the ‘Invoices to be checked’ folder.
– Once Scott or Helen review and approve these invoices, they will be forwarded to the accounting email:

Address all other emails based on content and urgency:
– Read each email carefully and respond or take action as necessary.
– If an email requires a detailed response or follow-up action, prioritise accordingly.
– Continuously check the email throughout the day to ensure timely responses and keep communications flowing smoothly.
– Vigilantly monitor the inbox for junk or spam emails.

As guests check out, immediately radio the specific villa numbers to the staff responsible for stripping linen and cleaning, specifying any special cleaning needs noted during checkout.

Use the Zello app for instant communication:
– Ensure the Zello app is installed on your device.
– Add all relevant staff members to your contact list within the app.
– Radio the specific cabin numbers to the staff responsible for stripping linen and cleaning, specifying any special cleaning needs noted during checkout.

1. Housekeeping

1. Once housekeepers have cleaned the cabins, update their status in the system via Newbook > Housekeeping List > Status column > Select cabin > Complete > Reload List.

2. Double-check the cleanliness of cabins before guests arrive and ensure the correct number of single beds are made up according to booking details.

3. Organise housekeeping staff before they leave; if no cleaners are scheduled for the next day, prepare to handle cleaning duties yourself.

– Answer emails and phone calls throughout the day, maintaining prompt and professional communication with guests.
– If unsure about any enquiries and no immediate help is available, take down the caller’s name, phone number, and any relevant notes. Promise a callback and consult with another staff member to gather accurate information before returning the call.
– Refer to the ‘Booking Procedure’ in manual for detailed steps on handling different types of bookings.

Process Bookings: Refer to the ‘Booking Procedure’ sheet for detailed steps on handling different types of bookings.

Booking Chart Review: Check for any unconfirmed bookings and follow up as required. Note specific conditions such as deposits for regular guests or bookings approved to pay balance on arrival.

Online Availability Check: Review and update online availability for the upcoming weekend in Newbook > Tariffs Chart. Consult with Scott for rate or minimum night changes.

Greet and Verify Guests

– As guests arrive, ask for the name on the booking to confirm their reservation.
– Use Newbook to pull up the Arrival List and select the appropriate booking to verify details.

Read out the booking details to the guests to ensure accuracy: Confirm the number of nights, type of accommodation (e.g., Garden Villa), and the number of guests (adults and children).

Linen is prepared only for the number of guests listed, and inform them of additional charges for extra guests if applicable.

Check for any outstanding payments on the booking:
– If funds are owing, process the payment immediately at check-in.
– Ensure the booking is not from or Anycamp, as these bookings use Virtual Credit Cards which should be charged accordingly.

– Prepare a park map for the guests, marking their specific site or villa.
– Write the boomgate number in the top right corner of the map.
– Highlight key facilities on the map such as the villa/site location, garbage bay, office, and amenities blocks.
– Allocate and explain the boomgate code, which is typically the last five digits of the guest’s phone number.

Provide detailed directions using the map:
– Start from the office location, explaining the entry and exit via the boomgate.
– Describe the route to their assigned villa or site, emphasizing how to use the boomgate (enter the 5-digit code followed by the hash).
– Notify guests of amenities available 24/7 without a passcode or key.
– Discuss operational hours of the office: Open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on weekdays, and 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Inform guests about the kiosk at the reception: Essentials like bait, ice, and maps, and that it is cash only.

Mention local attractions:
– Describe the proximity to Huskisson’s main street (2km), highlighting cafes, restaurants, and beaches.
– Promote local breweries and the sourdough bakery located 500m from the park.

Check-out and what’s on: Ensure guests are aware of the checkout time (10 AM) and any ongoing events like the Sea Dog food truck’s schedule during their stay.

If required, manage the laundry processes including washing, drying, folding, and ironing pillowcases and top sheets.

Closing the Office: Change the office door sign to “CLOSE/NO VACANCY – LATE ARRIVAL SIGN” to inform any late arrivals of their instructions.

Prepare for Late Arrivals: Ensure that all LOK (Late Arrival) packs, which contain keys and relevant stay information for guests arriving after hours, are placed in the silver letterbox at the office door.

Secure the Premises: Ensure all doors are securely locked, turn off all lights, draw the curtain across the front door and lock additional facilities such as the shed, laundry, and ice freezer to prevent unauthorised access overnight.

Restocking Essential Supplies: Regularly check and restock brochures, ice creams, bait, and other shop items as needed to ensure availability for guests.

Office Cleaning: Give the office a thorough clean daily, including wiping down surfaces, cleaning windows, sweeping/mopping floors and cleaning the bathroom.

Stationery and Paper Supplies: Check the levels of all paper and stationery supplies. Order through Officeworks if supplies are low.

Form and Paperwork Availability: Ensure that park maps, kayak and SUP forms, pedal cart hire forms are adequately stocked for guest and operational use.

EFTPOS Rolls: Check the supply of EFTPOS rolls and order from the bank as necessary to ensure uninterrupted transaction capabilities.

Wages Processing (Every Tuesday): Collect all timesheets, scan them to the computer, and email the scanned copies to our accountant, Lori, at for processing.

Hazard Checklist and Maintenance Review (Monthly Task):
– Conduct a thorough hazard checklist and general maintenance review of the park.
– Scan and upload the completed checklist and any related documents to the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) page for compliance and record-keeping.

WHS Coordination: For any concerns or updates required related to workplace health and safety, contact Timothy Smith.
– Phone: 0438 241 863 or 1300 859 363
– Email:

Initial Phone Enquiry

Gather Guest Information:
– Ask for the exact number of adults, children, and infants to determine the booking’s suitability and calculate the accurate price.
– Note: Infants 2 years and under are not charged unless they require a bed instead of a cot provided by the family.

1. In Newbook, select the number of guests at the top of the booking chart.
2. Click on the arrival and departure date under the specific site/cabin column.
3. Hover over the selected dates to view the total price.

Note: For details on bedding configurations and equipment in villas, refer to the website or ‘Accommodation Guide’ in the back of the reception manual.

Seasonal and Weekend Rates:
– Inform guests that mid-season rates are subject to dynamic pricing for certain accommodations.
– Mention a 2-night minimum stay requirement for weekends year-round across all accommodations and sites, which can be flexible during quieter times (especially in winter) to fill gaps.

Specific Accommodations: Deluxe Waterfront Spa Villas and Premium Powered Sites (1-6) also require a 2-night minimum stay all year round unless conditions are quiet or there are gaps to fill.

Deposits and Payments:
– A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, except when bookings are made within 30 days of the high season or 14 days of the mid/low season, which then require full payment.
– Preferred payment methods are credit card. BPAY is okay also if it is in advance and NOT during high season.
– Note: BPAY details are provided on the confirmation. Each booking has a unique BPAY reference number and it changes every time a guest books.

Reservation Confirmation: Emphasise that the booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been received.

– Be vigilant with group bookings that might indicate parties (including hen’s, buck’s, birthdays, or fishing trips for males) and double-check the purpose of their visit to ensure compliance with park policies.
– A maximum of 4 adults per accommodation/site, regardless of the unit’s capacity.

1. In Newbook, select dates and click the ‘+’ symbol at the top of the page ‘Add From Chart’ > ‘New Booking’.
    – This will navigate you to a page where you can choose the appropriate rate based on the guest’s eligibility.

2. Inform about Special Rates:
    – Kids Stay Free: During mid/low season for bookings of 3 nights (excluding public holidays and special events).
    – Seniors Rate: Available for bookings of 2 or more nights.
    – Stay Seven Special: For bookings of 7 nights or more.

3. Enter guest details: Surname, First Name, Phone Number, Postal Address, Email Address.

4. Specify the type of dwelling and its size for site bookings.

5. Collect Credit Card Details for the deposit (include the bank fee: MasterCard/Visa 1.5%, AMEX 3%).

1. After entering all details, confirm the total amount to be charged and process the payment on the Gateway in the booking.

2. Go to ‘Manual Receipt’ > ‘Send Contact’ > ‘Template: Mid/Low Season or High Season Confirmation’ > ‘Open’, check the booking details and payment details are correct, and then ‘Send Email’.
    – The reservation status in Newbook will automatically update to ‘Confirmed’ once the deposit has been processed.

3. Hit ‘SAVE’ to finalise the booking process.

Seasonal Booking Requirements

Huskisson Triathlon (February): Minimum 3-night stay required.

Canberra Long Weekend (Early March): Minimum 3-night stay, unless gaps are available to fill.

Easter Long Weekend: Minimum 5-night stay.

June Long Weekend: Minimum 3-night stay.

October Long Weekend: Minimum 4-night stay.

Christmas/January School Holidays:
– Minimum 7-night stay, typically starting on the 26th or 27th of December.
– Confirm with Scott regarding repeat clients who often rebook each year.
– Note:
    – No arrivals are permitted on Christmas Day as the park is closed.
    – No 1-night stays are allowed unless there are gaps to fill.

Live Entertainment and Pizza Nights: Ensure newsletters are sent out to inform and invite guests.

– A non-refundable upfront payment is required: $400 for accommodation and $200 for sites.
– You must tick YES ‘Is a Booking Deposit’ when taking payment or it will not show on the confirmation letter.
– New rates are set in July or earlier. Notification emails are sent out to request a 50% deposit by 28th August, with the final payment due by November 1st.

– Only permitted in the communal fire pit area during the Autumn/Winter season.
– Individual fires are not allowed on any campsites.

Junk Phone Calls:
– Avoid transferring these calls to managers.
– Politely decline offers from callers, often from suspicious companies overseas, offering marketing or energy rate deals.

Important Calls for Managers:
– Take detailed messages for any significant calls directed at managers.
– Ensure the messages are passed on promptly to maintain effective communication.

General Online Booking Management

– All online bookings are automatically imported into Newbook and come with an email notification.
– Review the booking details and any notes included with the booking for any special instructions or requirements.
– Move the email to the designated folder for organised record-keeping.

– Locate the booking in Newbook and verify the dates, prices, and number of guests for accuracy.
– Ensure the deposit amount aligns with our policies (50% deposit or full payment as required based on the timing of the booking relative to the arrival date).
– Final payments are due 30 days prior to arrival for high season and 14 days for mid/low season bookings.
– Bookings made within 30 days of high season or 14 days of mid/low season require full payment at the time of booking.

Process Payments Use the virtual credit cards provided. Make sure that no receipt is sent for these transactions as guests get confused and think they’ve been charged twice.

Expedia: Make sure that the transaction fee is ticked and that ‘Auto Email Receipt (Default Template)’ is selected before charging the booking via ‘Process Card through Gateway and Save’

Anycamp: You won’t be able to process the virtual credit cards provided until the day before arrival. Be sure to deduct the bank fee before charging the guest and note that no receipt should be sent for these transactions.

– Double-check the number of adults and children, and the rate to ensure it matches the booking email.
– Check for any special notes like late arrival times.
– Process the full payment using the Credit Card Gateway in Newbook and send an auto email receipt.

– Use the Extranet to mark the credit card as invalid, giving the guest 24 hours to update their payment details.
– If no update is made, the booking can be cancelled through the Extranet.

Guests need to contact or Expedia directly to make any changes or cancellations.

For no-shows or cancellations:
– On, you can log onto the Extranet the following day and mark the booking as a no-show.
– On Expedia/Wotif, use Partner Central to request to cancel the booking or mark as no-show.

Cancellation Policies: Both platforms generally operate with non-refundable bookings. However, allows a grace period where no fees are charged if a booking is cancelled within 4 hours of making the reservation.

– Regularly check and update your knowledge on the specifics of handling third-party bookings as policies and interfaces may change.
– Ensure all staff are familiar with the terms and conditions as stated on both our website and those of third-party operators to avoid any discrepancies or misunderstandings with guests.

Cancelling a Booking

All phone, email, and JBHP website bookings are subject to the same cancellation policy. Our Terms & Conditions related to cancellations are outlined on our website and linked in each confirmation email. You will also find it detailed on pages 1 and 2 of this manual.

1. Locate the booking

– Search for the booking using the Booking ID number or guest name in the top left-hand corner next to ‘≡’.
– Click on the Booking ID number or Booking name to open the detailed view.

1. Navigate to “Booking Cancellation Fees” in the booking details on Newbook.

2. Finalising Changes:
– Ensure only the applicable cancellation policy is active.
– Remove non-applicable policies and save the updates.

Mid/Low Season Fees:
– Up to 14 Days Before Arrival: $20 for sites, $50 for accommodation.
– 13 to 7 Days Before Arrival: Charge 50% of the total booking payment.
– Less than 7 Days Before Arrival: Charge the full booking amount.

High Season Fees:
– Up to 30 Days Before Arrival: $200 for sites, $400 for accommodation.
– 29 to 14 Days Before Arrival: Charge 50% of the total booking payment.
– Less than 14 Days Before Arrival: Charge the full booking amount.

– Navigate to Booking Details: Open the booking page.
– Initiate Cancellation: Hover over “Update” on the top blue bar and select “Cancel.”
– Enter Cancellation Reason: A dialog box will appear for the cancellation reason. Add a reason if necessary by selecting the clock icon with the green plus.

– Confirm Refund Amount: On the ‘View Booking’ page, locate ‘Calculated Stay Cost less Balance Payments Received’ highlighted in green.
– Process Refund: Click on the green amount to initiate the refund and generate a manual receipt.
– Send Confirmation: Adjust the administration fee on the contact template titled “Booking Cancellation By Guest” and send it to the guest.

1. Processing Credit

Offer Credit Option: Offer to credit the outstanding amount to the guest’s account for future use, valid for up to 12 months.
Access Account Details:
– Navigate to the Booking Client Account (highlighted in pink/purple).
– Note the Guest Client Account number, located beneath the Booking Client Account.

Initiate Credit Transfer: On the ‘Accommodation’ row, if it shows an amount in green labelled ‘$0.00 CR’, click “Transfer” above this amount.

Execute the Transfer: 
– On the Balance Transfer screen, select ‘To Client Account’ in the drop-down.
– Choose the correct guest’s account by name or enter the Client Account Number.
– Confirm the transfer amount is correct and check the box for “Create Receipt for new Credit Transfer”.
– Click “Transfer” to finalise the credit allocation.

– Send a new contact template titled “Booking Cancellation By Guest with Credit,” which includes the credit receipt.
– Adjust the administration fee on the template as needed and send it to the guest.

– Ensure all adjustments and credits are accurately documented in Newbook.
– Note that when placing a future booking for this guest, the credit will be visible in their Client Account and can be applied to the new booking.


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